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Yellow Flower
Just look at the flowers

True Fans of the AMC drama, “The Walking Dead” understand the poignancy of the words “Just look at the flowers”. We understand the tremendous impact that this single scene has on Carol and the people in her life…

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Melissa McBride. who plays Carol in the Walking Dead,poses at the Saturn Awards looking a little sad
Los,Angeles,-,Jun,26:,Melissa,Mcbride,At,The,Saturn Awards

If you know about the flowers, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll ace our quiz. Just to keep it interesting though, some questions require some knowledge about the Walking Dead comics book series.

Ezekial’s right hand man, steward, body guard and friend. A true warrior.

Daryl’s weapon of choice

The TV series is based on the comic book series of the same name written by ________.

Anne is the leader of

In the comic series, before the walkers appeared, Rick Grimes was sherrif in the small town of   ______, _.

Abraham Ford’s rank

Hershel’s profession

Lucille is the name of

Terminus offers  sanctuary to survivors.

Ezekial has a pet ______, named ________.