Can you pass this Quiz on American Horror Story?
Randomly shows 15 out of over 40 questions!

What town is Freakshow set in?
What is the name of the founder of SCUM?
Who said it?
There are more stains in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt up in your philosophy.
Constance Langdon's boyfriend,  posthumously famed as the "Boy Dahlia"
She is the White Witch
Who played Valerie Solanas?
Who plays Dell Toledo, Strongman born into the "Famous Toledo Lobster Clan"?

How many children did Constance Langdon have?
Name of serial killer who killed the student nurses in Murder House
Which of the characters below wasn't played by Finn Wittrock?
Lana Winters son
For him the afterlife air smells like blueberry pancakes and Saturday mornings.
(Ex)-Wife of Rudolph Valentino. Sucker of blood.
She played the re-enactment version of Mama Polk
She plays Scathach in My Roanoke Nightmare

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Fictional Character based on the Great Till Eulenspiegel of Lore. Folly Governeth the World, not just a saying, but how it's always been. Creating Quizzes for the Everyman, for fun and education.

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