Can you pass this Quiz on American Horror Story?
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Who said it?
There are more stains in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt up in your philosophy.
The Battleaxe 9000 is based on her
Marie Laveau is played by what actress?
He came back with the wrong body parts and was never the same
He'd rather cut out his tongue than tell on Fiona
Who said it?
I have survived because I know one must be willing to destroy anyone, anything, even the ones you love to keep the gods in check.
In "My Roanoke Nightmare" portrays Angela Basset actress Monet Tumusiime who plays ___________ in the re-enactment.
Jimmy Darling had this condition
Who played Valerie Solanas?
Actor who portrays Dandy Mott
(Ex)-Wife of Rudolph Valentino. Sucker of blood.
Name of serial killer who killed the student nurses in Murder House
She just wanted to be a  "pretty girl"
Lana Winters son
Tate and Violet's "song"

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Fictional Character based on the Great Till Eulenspiegel of Lore. Folly Governeth the World, not just a saying, but how it's always been. Creating Quizzes for the Everyman, for fun and education.

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