We all know that from A to Z our national security intelligence community has a wide range of Acronyms and short hand for, well everything!  But how much do you know about the acronyms or the organizations behind them?

One of the (they say) past missions of the FBI was to keep progressives and socialist out of office.
Can you have tatoos in the CIA?
What year was the National Security Agency formed?
This Army Intelligence agency operated between 1885 to 1903.
Two of the below  agencies were the NSA before the NSA was a gleam in a president's eyes.  Which one doesn't belong on this list?
If you were to search for the phrase "Father of American Military Intelligence", this guys picture would show up.
Which of the following agencies does not fall under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security?
This agency's initial responsibility was investigating counterfeiting of US currency, which was rampant following the American Civil War.
This agency was responsible for the first "mass communication" surveillence, using the "tele-communication" industry to spy on the correspondence between US citizens and foreign entities.
Whoever holds this position is the head honcho at the DHS

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