Can you pass this Breaking Bad Quiz?

What is the name of the company that Skyler is a bookkeeper at?
The first people that Walt killed.
What's the name of Jesse and Badger's band?
What does the license plate for Pinkman's Monte Carlo say?
Someone who steals sudafed and then sells it to meth cooks.
Danny Trejo played this part
Known for his Uncertainty principle, which postulates that neither the position or velocity of an object can be measured exactly, even in theory
The patron saint of drug dealers
What is a volumetric flask used for?
Whats Badger's real name

Published by Dyl Eulenspiegel

Fictional Character based on the Great Till Eulenspiegel of Lore. Folly Governeth the World, not just a saying, but how it's always been. Creating Quizzes for the Everyman, for fun and education.

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