What year did the original "CSI" series begin?
What's the 2017 national average turnaround time for forensic evidence to be returned to law enforcement?

Gil Grissom, played by William Petersen,  is a complicated man with multiple loves, combined with a seemingly quirky detachment from them at the same time.  Which two characters below do not belong in the list of his romantic interests?
This actor landed a recurring roll for three seasons on the iconic soap opera, One Life to Live, when he was only 12.  Decades  later he played Dr. Raymond Langston, who took over the leadership of the crime lab after Gil Grissom left in the 9th season.
Their model making suspect, Ernie Dell, was not the killer,  but was pivitol in finally stopping the Miniature Killer. He is compellingly well played by this actor.

Gil Grissom's thing, and expertise lies in this field
Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes and Julie Finlay used this science to solve cases.  Problem is that the validity of the science itself was called into question in 2009 by a report National Academy of Sciences which found that “the uncertainties associated with it are enormous,” and that experts’ opinions were generally “more subjective than scientific.”
Catherine Willows, the character played by Marge Hellenberg,  left the CSI department in Season 12  for this :
About how many police crime labs investigation are there in the US?
According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine  Human DNA has around 3 billion bases,  what percentage of these bases are the same in all people?

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