Welcome to our Halloween Quiz. Fun for the whole family.

A full moon on Halloween is tradition, right?  Well not really, the next Halloween  full moon will occur in 2020. When was the last time the moon was full on Halloween?
In the eighteenth century unmarried lasses would compete in this activity, because the winner would be married first
The number one Halloween Candy in the US according to Candystore.com
This is banned by law in Hollywood, California on Halloween
In the olden days bonfires and wearing of costumes were to:
What was the #1 selling Halloween costume for dogs in 2018?
Original Jack O'Lanterns were carved out of these
This US state is the #1 producer of pumpkins, producing up to 500 million pounds of pumpkins.
What time is the witching hour?
This Celtic Festival, held on Ocotber 31st, the last day of the year in the Celtic calendar celebrated the final day of harvest and the crossing of spirits over into the other world

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