MLB Quiz

Who holds the single season record for most wins in a season?
In what year did Roger Maris break Babe Ruth's single season Home Run Record?
Which National League team has the most World Series?
Who was the 2nd black player to play in MLB?
Who holds the record for most saves in a single season?
Who was the last player to hit .400 in a season?
How many teams have never won a World Series?
Who has won the most Gold Glove awards?
Who has the most Home Runs in a single season since Bonds broke the single season Home Run Record in 2001?
Who holds the record for striking out the most in a single season?
Which team has lost the most World Series?
Against what team did Jackie Robinson make his debut?
Which Manager hold the record for most ejections?
Who has the most All-Star game appearances?
Which player played the most games without ever playing a post-season game?
Which player has played for the most teams?
Which Manager has the most post-season losses?
Who is the only player to be unanimously voted into the Hall of Fame?
Who is the all-time leader for double plays grounded into?
What player has won the most batting titles?

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