South Park

Can you pass the South Park Quiz?

In the episode free Willzyx, what country sent Willzyx to the moon?
In the episode "Prehistoric Iceman" what did Kyle end up naming the "prehistoric" iceman.
In the Episode Fantastic Easter Special, who overthrows the Pope and seizes power?
In the Episode "Christian Rock Hard", what is the name of Cartman's Christian Rock Band
What is the name of Jesus's talk show?
In "Breast Cancer Show Ever", what article of clothing does Cartman eat in an attempt to avoid fighting Wendy?
In the episode "You got F'd in the A", why doesn't Butters want to join Stan's dance team?
In "The Passion of the Jew", how much money do Stan and Kenny try to get back from Mel Gibson?
In the Episode Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery, who is responsible for the Pirate Ghost?
In "Raising the Bar", who is attempting to raise the bar?
In the Episode "The Biggest Douche in the Universe", who is given the Title of Biggest douche?
Who does Cartman feed their own parents?
Who Sponsor's Eric as a NASCAR driver in "Poor and Stupid"?
In "Royal Pudding" who kidnaps the Canadian Princess?
In Pandemic and Pandemic 2:The Startling, what type of music is used to keep the Guinea Pigs at bay
Who is Mysterion?
Which group corrupts Chef into becoming a pedophile?
What is the name of Towelie's son?
In the Episode "The Poor Kid", what beer causes White Trash to get in trouble?
In "Hell on Earth 2006" who is Summoned by saying their name 3 times into the mirror.

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