Tahani's sister
He's going to the gymn
A dilemma in which you can pull a switch to save 5 people tied to the track,  but it involves the sacrifice of one innocent person
Who has the most points?
Who died and left Aristotle in charge of ethics?
"Gen" is short for
Actor who portrays Jason Mendoza
Who's in charge of the "Bad Place" (Season 2)
Plays Janet's boyfriend (in the void)
D'Arcy Carden portrays
Mindy St. Claire lives in
The wise eternal judge who sits on up high with the final say on all disputes between the two realms. (Season 1)

Published by Dyl Eulenspiegel

Fictional Character based on the Great Till Eulenspiegel of Lore. Folly Governeth the World, not just a saying, but how it's always been. Creating Quizzes for the Everyman, for fun and education.

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