Can you pass this Veronica Mars Quiz?

Teddy Dunn, the actor who played this part is currently a lawyer.
Naughty girl, Caitlin Ford is played by this actress, who is also known for her reality series with her BFF.
Actor that portrays Logan Echolls father, Aaron Echolls.
Days of Our Lives veteran Lisa Rinna plays this part.
Actress who portrays Lilly Kane

Veronica Mar's murdered best friend.
Actor who portrays Keith Mars

Band that sings the theme song "We Used To Be Friends" seasons 1-3
Who infamously said “It’s a sorority party. It’s why I left the womb.”
The actor who portrays Gangsta Rap Mogul Percy "Bone" Hamilton, he made his film debut in the 1999 comedy drama "Liberty Heights"
Eli "Weevil" Navarro is the leader of this biker gang.
Artist who sings the theme song "We Used To Be Friends" on season 4?
How old was Kristen Bell when the series premiered?

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