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Concerned about Gun Laws or Gun Safety? Test your knowledge about gun ownership and gun violence by state.

Gun Range Practice

You might already know that Texas has the most registered gun owner's in the country. Which state has the second most registered gun owners:

The National gun death rate per capita as reported by the CDC

Even though Texas has the most gun owners in the nation, it's gun ownership weighs in at a mere 20.79 per capita, meaning in a crowd of a hundred thousand, about 20 might be packing. At 229.24 gun owners per capita, which state has the highest per capita gun ownership rates?

There are more suicide deaths by guns than there are homicides by guns.

With a per capita murder rate of 66.1 in 2017, this city has led the pack in per capita murder rates for a few years now.

Since the tragedy of Sandy Hook on December 14th 2012, there have been over 2000 mass shootings in the US.  Only four states in the nation have been spared from a mass shooting occurring in their state.  Which of the states below do not belong on this list?

With a of 3.7 per capita gun death rate, this state has the lowest per capita for gun ownership.

This well armed state comes in first, in both the number of gun deaths and violent crimes per capita.

A National Gun registry currently exists.

In the US, mass shootings account for this percentage of all gun deaths.

With a gun death ratio of 7.6% per capita, which state ranks first for strictest gun laws in the US?

With a death by guns per capita rate of 21.5, which state has the laxest gun laws?

Based on CDC Statistics, Huntersmark, Heritage, the Brady and other Score Cards on Gun Laws.

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