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The Folly of the Fools on the Hill..

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  • Major League Baseball Quiz
    From coast to coast, we love baseball most. Well, maybe not the most, but we still undeniably love it. Take our quiz and find out how much you know about America’s Past Time
  • South Park Quiz
    When South Park first aired on Comedy Central, very few suspected that the show would run for 25 years. That’s 25 years of material for this quiz.
  • Super Bowl Quiz
    Super Bowl Quiz Even if you’re not an MVP, the answers will be revealed after the quiz! You can then dazzle your friends and fam with your profound knowledge and insight on the Superbowl championship games of today and yesteryear.
  • Fun Halloween Quiz. It’s Spooktacular!
    Fun Halloween Trivia Quiz suitable for all ages. Spooktacular!
  • American Horror Story Quiz –
    The American Horror Story Quiz that dares you to answer 15 out of 15 questions correctly. ribit.

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