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It looks like a marathon to the finish line this cycle. As of this writing, over 20 hopeful’s have thrown their hats into the ring.  Who will be the chosen champion for the democrats? Who should just leave gracefully now and save us all the headache and confusion?
Pretend its primary day tomorrow and they are all still here.

Who do you want to drop out of the race?

They’re all still here….

If you could make somebody leave, who would it be?

You can vote up to 19 times, spread em out or focus on one.  Only one can stay on the stage.

Who's gotta go?

If I missed anyone let me know in the comments.

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Fictional Character based on the Great Till Eulenspiegel of Lore. Folly Governeth the World, not just a saying, but how it's always been. Creating Quizzes for the Everyman, for fun and education.

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  1. Biden is too corporate. Warren is a banker. Beto is just embarrassing. Buttieg needs some work on seeing the big picture from the side of the people. Tulsi is good to stay as is dude from Alaska, and the senator from Vermont. I The others well I just hope I don’t have to learn all thier names …

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