My Advice to the Democrats on 2020

Last updated on July 13th, 2024 at 02:33 pm

Let it go. You aren’t going to win by harping on Trump, or attacking his base. Holding on to Russia Gate won’t get you into the oval, or indeed, any, office.

To win the 2020 election focus on what people need.

You can win 2020 by cleaning up your own act. By actually making policy like you care about the people of the United States more than corporate donors. Solve the problems, give them health care with a good solid and sound plan. Give them jobs with future, give them education to build a future rather than one that burdens it.

You are going to win if you go with real social progress. Not just dishing up more of the same stale compromises does not solve problems but further burden people.

You definitely are not going to win running Biden against Trump in 2020, or any other corporate dem. Because they will push your growing progressive and populist base away. Biden in particular, besides the fact that historically a former vice getting elected against a second term popular president, is a long shot. Sorry, he’s just not that popular or appealing. It seems to me that if he is the DNC chosen candidate, the DNC is really OK with Trump being president.

The DNC gains a lot of power with a voter base so enraged, just as Trump did and does make gains with his base.

Do you think Biden has the juice to knock Trump out?

Would Biden stand a chance against Trump?  Yay or Nay

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