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This CSI quiz is for diehard fans of the original series. By the time the original CSI:Crime Scene Investigation series, set against a glamorous Vegas backdrop ends, we had 16 seasons of forensic science, and a whole bunch of tangled relationships under our belt.

Gil Grissom's thing, and expertise lies in this field

What year did the original "CSI" series begin?

Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes and Julie Finlay used this science to solve cases.  Problem is that the validity of the science itself was called into question in 2009 by a report National Academy of Sciences which found that “the uncertainties associated with it are enormous,” and that experts’ opinions were generally “more subjective than scientific.”

Their model making suspect, Ernie Dell, was not the killer,  but was pivitol in finally stopping the Miniature Killer. He is compellingly well played by this actor.

What's the 2017 national average turnaround time for forensic evidence to be returned to law enforcement?

Gil Grissom, played by William Petersen,  is a complicated man with multiple loves, combined with a seemingly quirky detachment from them at the same time.  Which two characters below do not belong in the list of his romantic interests?

About how many police crime labs investigation are there in the US?

This actor landed a recurring roll for three seasons on the iconic soap opera, One Life to Live, when he was only 12.  Decades  later he played Dr. Raymond Langston, who took over the leadership of the crime lab after Gil Grissom left in the 9th season.

Catherine Willows, the character played by Marge Hellenberg,  left the CSI department in Season 12  for this :

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine  Human DNA has around 3 billion bases,  what percentage of these bases are the same in all people?

Besides the series regulars, in over 15 seasons there was countless parade of supporting cast. There were lab techs, tourists. Hotel and Casino employees, sleazy clerks at sleazy motels. Some just faceless backdrops to story lines, some more notable than others. And of course, various villains, politicians and at least 2 notable under sheriffs.

Guest characters, played by notable actors and actresses, crossed our screen weekly. Intermingling in varying degree’s and length, with the CSI regulars and supportive cast .

These characters ranged from cops and CSI, to hookers, casino owners, mob characters, faded stars, and even tourist. For our viewing pleasure, they often came with a healthy dose of dysfunctional family dynamics, with story lines that put the soap operas to shame.

Of course, the really bad seeds, the real killers like Nate Haskell, the Bar Gig Killer, and the Miniature Killer remained free for a season or three. Hell, one even got away completely. Or did she?

But it’s really the science that makes this show shine, and this quiz more difficult.

During its run, as many as 30 million Americans watched the show weekly. Millions more watch it on reruns around the world. Collectively, we soak up the blood spatter, DNA, luminol, paint chips. Watching countless hours of surveillance tapes and blurry pictures being magically pixelated. Each crime scene, each hair thoroughly examined for clues. Down to the lifecycle of the flies on the corpse.

The impact of the CSI shows was especially apparent in the development of the “CSI Syndrome”. A syndrome that presents itself in jurors and everyday citizens who have developed unrealistic expectations and notions about forensics, fueled by the myths of the show.

Jurors started expecting far more effort and diligence of the forensic procedure and police work. They expected every crime scene to be as thoroughly examined as it was on the show.

Jurors also became more trusting in forensics in general as as evidence. Even when the validity of the science was called into question or debunked.

Even when it’s wrong, forensics help us to feel like justice is served, and the mystery solved.

Sources used for the answers to this quiz include, the Washington Post and the GAO office of the United States.

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