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Perhaps I was a bit hasty, Assange remains in prison in the UK… And has been granted permission to Appeal the extradition this week to the UK Supreme Court from the high court.

Originally Posted on November 3rd, 2019 at 07:33 pm:

In case you hadn’t heard, Julian Assange has been removed from the Embassy. Currently he’s languishing in a British jail cell for skipping bail. While the Swedish court declines, for now, to arrest and detain him on the rape charges from 2010, it is pretty certain that soon he will be in custody of the United States Justice Department.

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Chelsea Manning has been back in custody as well, and expects to return to jail shortly. Her re-incarceration is part of the effort to coerce her into testifying against Assange before the Grand Jury

Ironic or not? That Edward Snowden still lives freely in Russia. Makes you wonder about Russia Gate. That the Russians refuse to hand him over makes more sense as the reason behind the hysteria, than does the return to McCarthyism and the Cold War.

And what of the crimes and corruption that Assange, Manning and Snowden exposed? Sadly, there is not much to tell. Not much has been done to pursue them, to fix the overreach since the information was released. Nothing much has changed.

If, of course, you don’t count the election of Donald Trump. Probably not as effective a solution that all those angry people thought it would be when they pushed that button in 2016. But then, that’s the trouble with angry people, they very seldom get it right.

Hero’s or Criminals?

Are they hero’s? Are they bonafide champions of citizens being illegally spied on and tricked into war? Or, are they criminals and traitors, as the justice department would have us believe?

Criminals or Heros?

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