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Can you pass this S.O.A quiz?

This Quiz and article is about the characters and plot twists of the show Son’s of Anarchy. Because of my brains limitations, this quiz only covers up to the beginning of Season 4. New questions may be added later.

Which of SAMCRO is an Elvis impersonator?

Jax's oldest son

In addition to his roll as Clay in Son's of Anarchy, he narrated this popular game 1997-2018

Add description here!

Played Gemma's father, Nate

Actor Ryan Hurst plays this part

Both Opie and Jax ride these bikes

Played porn Producer Georgie Caruso

The actor that played this part died in 2012 after killing his landlady and her cat.

Galindo cartel member played by Danny Trejo

Randolph Mantooth plays this leader of the Wahewa tribe

Cigar King, Ethan Zobelle

The crow flies ____.

She plays Maureen (Mo) Ashby

What is Gemma's maiden name?

Luann's old man in prison.  He ain't never gettin' out.

Lincoln Potter's ride.

What in the Sam Crow is up with these people?

I want to like them. I really do. Gemma, Clay, and especially Jax. But they scare me. I find them kind of exhausting. Like, I wouldn’t want to have a beer with them, lest I find myself on the wrong side of a semi.

The series is dark, sweaty, bloody. I guess that’s the reason the plot is so soap-y, to clean all that up. Perhaps I should put on some 80’s pop music or something, but all I seem to hear are heavy blues renditions.

My bad.

I made the mistake a couple of weekends ago of binging on the first two seasons. Over the course of those two days, I developed trust issues, and started looking at leather accessories for a chopper that I don’t own. The one thing I didn’t want though, was a tattoo. Finally, on that Sunday evening, I had to watch some bubblegum fare to clear the blood-fog haze from my soul.

It was fascinating, but very hard to binge watch. So I’ve decided to space my viewing of it out to a similar pattern to the way it was originally released. One, maybe two (or three) episodes per week.

Left to Right: Ron Perlman, Charlie Hunnam, and Katie Segal
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  1. There is definitely something very addicting about watching this hedonistic, bloody war filled series, yet I am 65 year old non alcoholic drinking, church going widow and I love watching to see what the characters will be doing next. I’m In!!!

  2. Love this show. I started watching season 1 part way through season 5. By the end of the season i was caught up. Have entire collection. Still watch once or twice a year, all but the last 2 episodes.

    1. Same here Vicky.. I absolutely love this series.. I have watched all 7 seasons except the last episode cuz I just can’t watch Jax go out like that.. All 7 seasons are on Hulu.. They were on Amazon Prime and Netflix but not anymore. Now u have to pay on Amazon. So when I need a Jax Teller fix, I watch on Hulu, which I’m about due for..

    2. I live and die for SOA..Best series I have ever seen..I would like to pack up everything and move to Charming California..I started watching it the week I came home from having my daughter when it was over my daughter new them by name..Best thing ever Kurt Sutter and the family of SOA???

  3. Why is this quiz telling me at the end that the answers I provided are wrong but then tells me the correct answers which just so happen to be what I put in the first place.

  4. Maybe you are not a good fit for this show. I fell in love with it from the gate. I was the one person that wasn’t surprised by the ending.

  5. I can’t believe Lincoln Potter wasn’t riding a Harley, smdh! 46.7% not bad for not seeing the show in years! O how I miss it!!!

  6. Can’t get enough of this series I’ve seen the show 4 times and still seen parts that I missed. I bought the limited box set came with a patch and beanie. I will never open it. They should pick up the series with Abel starting the MC…that would be awesome…come on Kurt give the people what they want.

  7. I have a SAMCRO replica table in my dining room. It is not a wooden carving, but a fabric towel with the reaper on it under glass. My friends and family play SOA trivia and other games on it. I’m a 68 year old female fan who got started with SOA because of my grandson. I have the video series and all the recordings which I play regularly. I’ve seen the seven seasons series abour 10 times now–starting the 11th series viewing right now. LOVE THOSE GUYS!

  8. Enjoyed every minute, while there was voilence and drugs etc, it was their loyalty and friendship , like a group of misfits , thrown together, brilliantly acted, and a real watchable series, could it be brought back, maybe, able and john after years start the whole show again, could work really well.

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