“How did everything get so screwed up?”

If you can ace this quiz on Breaking Bad, you already know the answer. It’s actually the main theme of the series. A tale of how a mild-mannered, decent man, a chemistry teacher becomes a ruthless meth producer.

Science Beakers

Can you pass this Breaking Bad Quiz?

What does the license plate for Pinkman's Monte Carlo say?
What is the name of the company that Skyler is a bookkeeper at?
Actor who portrays Hank Schrader
Someone who steals sudafed and then sells it to meth cooks.
Objects or a systems that cannot be superimposed onto it's mirror image.
Name of Badger's cousin's towing company.
The first people that Walt killed.
Danny Trejo played this part
Who killed Tuco
The patron saint of drug dealers

Tread Lightly

Life sucks for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, it seems like nothing ever goes right for these two.

Walter is dying, of inoperable lung cancer. Jesse is a chronic underachiever that likes his own product a bit too much.

Despite their best intentions, no matter how much money they make, the cost of doing business is always one step ahead. Such is the life on the wrong path.

But it is their relationship with their friends and family that truly suffers as they inch closer to moral bankruptcy with each batch they cook.

Degenerative Filth

Along the way they encounter some pretty ruthless characters, and somehow the bumbling duo become ruthless characters themselves.

Walt especially shows us just how easy it is to go from good guy to bad. And that good guys may finish last, but bad guys don’t fare much better.

We hope you enjoy this 10 question quiz. With 20+ questions shown at random, you can take it more than once, and be challenged each time.

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