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(Ex)-Wife of Rudolph Valentino. Sucker of blood.

The character of Pepper is first introduced in which season?

Actress portrayed by Kathy Bates in Roanoke

She played the re-enactment version of Mama Polk

Which of the characters below wasn't played by Finn Wittrock?

Name of serial killer who killed the student nurses in Murder House

Who said it?

Your boy has a jawline for days

In "Coven" Misty Day failed this test during the Trial of the Seven Wonders

Who said it?

There are more stains in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt up in your philosophy.

Constance Langdon's boyfriend,  posthumously famed as the "Boy Dahlia"

Tate and Violet's "song"

How did Elsa acquire Ma Petite from the Maharaja?

Who said it?

I have survived because I know one must be willing to destroy anyone, anything, even the ones you love to keep the gods in check.

What is the name of the founder of SCUM?

She just wanted to be a  "pretty girl"

Halloween is almost here – The night the dead can walk amongst us…

What can I say? I didn’t expect to like this series when this quiz was proposed. I was afraid I’d be bored by contrived plot lines, or worse, stale horror camp.

How silly of me. I was drawn in on the first episode. By the third season, there was an almost giddy feeling of recognition, as if we all were old friends.

Lily Rabe

And then there were the “Wait, is that Lilly Rabe?” moments.

The casting in this FX series is superb, guest stars shine in their roles.

Who knew Lady Gaga could act? Or that Neil Patrick Harris could come across so creepy?

And, what can be said about Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy, Angela Bassett, and Kathy Bates, that hasn’t already been said? I mean, without gushing?

Regular cast members Sarah Paulson, Peter Evans, and Lilly Rabe, among others, won’t ever have to worry about being typecast. Unless it’s as a chameleon.

Other notable mentions should probably be made here, but honestly, the list would be so long, you wouldn’t have time to read it. The whole freakin’ cast shines in their assorted roles.

It’s obvious that this troupe is professional and dedicated to their profession. It’s also clear that the writers and directors worked hard to keep the energy flowing.

Be my Gypsy

Often, the time setting of the episodes predates the release date of a featured song or genre by decades. For instance, Elsa Mars singing Bowie’s “Life on Mars” in Freak Show, set in the 50’s.

At times, I was scratching my head over the soundtrack. Or running to google a song.

But in the end, oddly, nothing is ruined by this surreal mixture of having music written in the 80’s playing on a radio set in the 50’s. Instead, it adds some weird wonderment to the mix.

Is that a re-enactment of a re-enactment?

Not to say that I enjoyed every season equally. My least favorite seasons were 7 and 6. (Cult and My Roanoke Nightmare).

Cult, because it seems too close to real life. Too apt a portrayal of the radicalized, disconnected world of today. Or maybe it’s just too soon after 2016. Either way, it makes me uneasy. It is pretty scary though, probably the scariest of the seasons.

Roanoke has a few too many sub- subplots, and not enough substance to tie them together for me. I spent more time trying to figure out who was the “real” character and who was the re-enactment actor than I should have. And really, I found the Chen’s to be a gimmick, unnecessary to the plot.

Leave us a comment below and let us know how you liked this quiz! We’d also love to hear which seasons and characters were your favorites.

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