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Test your Super Bowl Knoweldge!

If you’re a football fan, maybe you’ll do well on this Super Bowl quiz . But no worries, even if you’re not an MVP, the answers will be revealed after the quiz! Then you can dazzle your friends and fam with your profound knowledge and insight on the Superbowl championship games of today and yesteryear.

Which of these Quarterbacks holds the record for most career interceptions in the Super Bowl?
Which team scored the fewest points ever in a super bowl win.
Who has the most rushing yards all time in Super Bowl history?
What year was the first Super Bowl?

Which State has hosted the most Super Bowls.

Who holds the Super Bowl record for single game rushing yards?
Who holds the record for most Super Bowl MVP’s?
Which Super Bowl matchup is most common?
Who is the only player from a losing team named Super Bowl MVP?
Who is the youngest head coach to win the Super Bowl?

In Superbowl 2022, Many firsts were made. Many Jaws were dropped.

The first Super Bowl winner in over 30 years to have a lost the spread.

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