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I’m tired

Tired of the distortions, manipulation and downright lies told by the mainstream media. Both on TV and in the written articles. This happens time and time again to candidates and on significant issues. It happens to the left, it happens to the right. It happens in all the major outlets.

Making it very hard for us, (regular people) to know or discern the truth on things that matter. And, because they align or identify themselves as either “right” or “left”, we often only listen to, or are swayed by, the “team” we identify with.

But when it comes to Bernie, those “left leaning” outlets have shown they are not really “left”, but corporatist. Corporate talking heads, desperate to maintain the status quo – and the division.

I am gratified to know that I’m not alone in this, and hope to see more people wake up. Below is a video by YouTuber Matt Orfalea (twitter @0rf) – which uses the mainstream medias narrative, literally to expose the game. In his video Orfalea shows “left leaning” pundits spewing bias while at the same time showing footage of Bernie that lays bare the truth.

Please share this video far and wide.

Rise up

Hopefully, as we progress in this election cycle, we can overcome the fake narrative to uncover the truth. And finally, we will get the leader we deserve.

To paraphrase the video: I trust him to fight for us, for health care, to end inequality and corruption. And I also believe that he is the only candidate that is truly for the people. That he is the leader to heal the inequality, the hatred and the angry divide. The leader who will bring real change, and help US to once again rise as a united healthy and prosperous nation.

Added… since posting this I have read some controversy about the man that produced this. Not about the video content being bunk or suspicious, but something he did in the past. I look at this video and I look at Bernies record and stances and still feel he would have been the best choice for the job. I also wasn’t a fan of the tactics were used by any of the parties, or the candidates that were chosen. But so sue me, I think universal healthcare is a good thing. I think good educations for our children are a good thing, among other important policies that Bernie stood for.

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