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Can you pass this Veronica Mars Quiz?

Actor that portrays Logan Echolls father, Aaron Echolls.

Veronica Mar's murdered best friend.

Naughty girl, Caitlin Ford is played by this actress, who is also known for her reality series with her BFF.

Actress who portrays Lilly Kane

Eli "Weevil" Navarro is the leader of this biker gang.

The actor who portrays Gangsta Rap Mogul Percy "Bone" Hamilton, he made his film debut in the 1999 comedy drama "Liberty Heights"

Band that sings the theme song "We Used To Be Friends" seasons 1-3

Teddy Dunn, the actor who played this part is currently a lawyer.


He  drove a yellow Nissan XTerra S for seasons one and two

How old was Kristen Bell when the series premiered?

Who infamously said “It’s a sorority party. It’s why I left the womb.”


Lisa Rinna who plays Logan's Mom, Lynn Echolls, is a Veteran of this iconic Soap Opera:

Actor who portrays Keith Mars

Artist who sings the theme song "We Used To Be Friends" on season 4?

A little background, Veronica Mars is NOT Nancy Drew

What could be more entertaining than a good old fashioned mystery featuring a spunky teen detective? Put Kirsten Bell in the starring role, throw in a pinch of noire, romantic ups and downs, frenemies, some teen angst and an understanding father figure, and you might think we have a hit.

Nay, my friends, we have a franchise.

Revived by Hulu 15 years after it’s premiere on television, with (most) the original cast. There’s also the movie, (though that isn’t part of this quiz). One day in the future we will probably be watching a Veronica Mars played by another actress, but we know in our hearts we won’t love her like we like Ms. Bell in the role.

Plot twists galore.

Set in a mythical beach town somewhere in Southern California, the story begins during Veronica’s junior year in high school. Where she has gone from sitting at the cool kids table, to the social outcast circle. Now a target of torment by her former friends, she spends her school day dodging insults and her ex-boyfriend.

So why not spend her time between classes solving mysteries and busting cheaters? Well for one, she’s still underage and can’t get a license. For official purposes her job at her Dad’s PI business is to answer the phone and file.

Because of several traumas that I cannot mention in detail, lest I spoil it for those who have not watched the show, she is somewhat bitter and jaded for her age. And despite the cuteness, a force to be reckoned with.

Petty cattiness, romantic breakups, murder. She takes it all in stride. Usually with a snarky quip, sometimes a threat of retribution or a combination there of. And she always gets even, sometimes even her man. Eventually.

She sails through the seasons solving cases, alienating both friends and foes. As we sort through the clues about said trauma against the backdrop of the cases, we meet a cast of perfectly flawed characters that expose the best, and the worst, of human existence.

If you can’t pass this Veronica Mars quiz, perhaps its time to fire up Hulu, and pop some popcorn so you can catch up.

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