Can you pass the coffee quiz? We suggest you pour yourself a cup and try!

Are you a coffee wiz?

This famous author  is rumored to have consumed up to 50 cups of coffee in a day.

According to this company led the sales of regular ground coffee brands in the United States in 2018

Also known as Bengal coffee, this strain of coffee is grown in India

This drink  common in Bolivia, where it is called sultana,  it is also known as the poor man's coffee. It is made of sun-dried and lightly toasted coffee cherries and sometimes also  mixed  cinnamon.  It is believed that this drink was consumed in Yemen even before the form of coffee we know today.

"The Coffee Contata" by this composer is based on a poem about coffee.

"Ah! how sweet coffee tastes!
Lovelier than a thousand kisses,
smoother than muscatel wine.
Coffee, I must have coffee,
and if anyone wants to give me a treat,
ah!, just give me some coffee!

The bean belt or coffee belt, is located

A latte is made with one part espresso and 3 parts this. It can include foam on top with a sprinkle of nutmeg or other spice.

Believed to be the first coffee plant to be cultivated, this widely grown coffee  species  currently represents over half of commercial coffee  production.

This coffee drink is made by shooting a stream of steam through finely ground coffee beans.  It is thicker than traditional coffee, and is sometimes used as a base for other coffee drinks.

This strain is the second most widely cultivated coffee plant (around 40%). It is considered more bitter than other strains and it can contain up to 40-60% more caffeine than the most widely produced strain.

Bright red ripe coffee berries

It’s official, no matter how we take it, we love coffee. This exotic beverage has become a staple of every day life. From the workplace to the fun place, coffee is an accepted and much loved tradition. It is popular not only among Americans but most of the world as well.

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