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Fourth of July Celebration with food and sparklers
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This 15 question quiz has over 30 randomly rotating questions about all things Fourth of July. For some it may be easy, we hope it to be fun for all.

How into the 4th of July are you?

It’s all about barbecue, fireworks, history, safety and things we like to do on this holiday.

As always, we like to keep things interesting. So we peppered questions of varying levels of difficulty among the subjects covered. Some questions may take you by surprise. Some of them may remind you of things you already knew. Or of a simpler time.

You can’t lose on this quiz

No matter your score, correct answers are provided to help you celebrate. And avoid food poisoning.

As a result of taking this 5 minute quiz your holiday could be more fun, safer and meaningful. You could show off your new knowledge, or have a deep discussion with your neighbor Phil about the battle for Independence.

And you might even find it easier to answer a child’s questions about fireworks

“Daddy, how do they make the fireworks red white and blue?”

The bottom line

As a nation we love the Fourth of July like no other holiday. We love it for the fun. For the Food. And especially for the Freedoms we enjoy.

So go forth, barbecue, drink and be merry. Revel in the Freedoms we enjoy. Honor the sacrifices of the upstart rebels that started it all. Have fun. You got this!

Sources for this quiz include,, pop culture articles from various outlets, the American Chemical Society and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

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“But with respect to our rights and the acts of the British government contravening those rights, there was but one opinion on this side of the water. all American whigs thought alike on these subjects. when forced therefore to resort to arms for redress, an appeal to the tribunal of the world was deemed proper for our justification. this was the object of the Declaration of Independance. not to find out new principles, or new arguments, never before thought of, not merely to say things which had never been said before; but to place before mankind the common sense of the subject; [. . .] terms so plain and firm, as to command their assent, and to justify ourselves in the independant stand we [. . .] compelled to take. “

Thomas Jefferson to Richard Henry Lee, Monticello, 1825

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