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How much do you really know about the rules of the legislators that make the rules?

How many Representatives are in the House (of Representatives)?

How long is the term of a Senator?

The required qualifications to become a member of congress are set by:

How many citizens in their district does each congress person represent (roughly)?

How long is the term of a House Representative.

Every member is expected to vote on every bill, unless recused

How many non-voting members of the senate are there?

The cap on the number of representatives that each state can have is set by:

Congress has a total of ___ voting members.

The Cherokee and Choctaw Native American tribes each have the right to send delegates to Congress


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What is a Resident Commissioner?

The number of Representatives was last adjusted for a population increase in 1911 when the population was still under 1,000,000.

To win the game, one must understand not only your opponents, but the rules of legislation. Not sure who’s winning, but pretty sure it’s not me.

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