Last updated on May 19th, 2019 at 10:02 pm

There has been much talk of the record numbers of staff turnover under this administration. Which of the below did not resign or get fired?

President Trump has made it clear he does not want a war with Iran.

Trumps trade policies are considered to lean towards:

A large number of MAGA hats were made in China.

What Degree does President Trump hold

How many bills did President Trump sign into law during his first year as president?

Who is not currently a member of the Trump Cabinent? (as of May 16, 2019)

What was President Trump's first executive order upon taking office?

Which of the below was NOT signed into law by President Trump?

Have you been paying too much attention to the tweets? Do you really know what he’s been up to? Take the test and see how much you really know about 45.

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    1. Why Eric,
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      I might be hurt if I suspected you weren’t just another can o’ spam bouncing around the internet. But please, feel free to take a quiz, read, laugh, respond. Just don’t expect your post with 6, no less, spam links, to be approved as is. I do a little editing of the posts so as to, you know… mock you. Now is that the kind of relationship you really want?

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