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Released in 2017 this leak series contains information about the CIA use of malware and other hacking measures used to target users windows computers.

What was the name of the company involved in the anti-climatic leak on Russian Spying published by wikileaks in September of 2017?

In 2010 Wikileaks published leaks that some have compared to the Pentagon Papers of the 1970's. The leaks revealed unknown details on US Afghan war, the Iraq war logs, and published US diplomatic cables. These revelations were from this source:

This leak reveled that both the US and the UK  used exploits  to make Samsung “smart TVs” into remote listening devices and developed methods for disabling the LED lights that indicate the TV is on so that the subject was not aware of the surveillance.

The Podesta Emails were leaked by this hacker, according to the US intelligence community

Panama Papers — a leak about offshore banking entities that is believed to have embarrassed

A July 25, 2010 Wikileaks release revealed that this secret elite team of special forces operated around Kunduz in northern Afghanistan targeting  terrorists also was responsible for the deaths of civilians

The documents in this leak  verified that the U.S. conducted secret drone strikes in Yemen, and revealed a push by Saudi Arabia's Royals for the U.S. to attack Iran

John Podesta'  leaked email correspondence revealed that he and this musician shared an interest in UFOs.

How much do you know about what the leaks revealed? Or the leakers? This quiz gives a peek into what some would have preferred to stay hidden. It’s based on information gathered from various media outlets, including

Shouldn’t be too hard. If, of course, you’ve been paying attention.

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